Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Chronicles of Roo.

Poor Roo. If he had known he was going to become a prisoner to 6 lb chihuahua, he never would have agreed to be shrink wrapped to a bottle of shampoo. But we all make mistakes in life. We all make miscalculations. We all take a shot and sometimes we win.....and sometimes our tail ends up in someones teeth.

Poor Roo. I was in Target about 6 months ago looking for some shampoo because I was clean out of the expensive stuff and thought.....does it really matter THAT much? Do I really need to spend $40 on shampoo to make my locks irresistible to men? Then I remembered that I hadn't had a man anywhere near my hair in quite some time, so the answer was a resounding NO! I was about to save myself about $36! Yaaayyy!!

I remembered using Aussie products years ago when I was scraping by in the world...and let's face it....who isn't these days right? I especially love their 3 min Miracle conditioner. Awesome stuff! So I'm perusing the Aussie products they have and I see the shampoo I want, but there is a little purple kangaroo shrink wrapped to it. Do I really NEED a little stuffed kangaroo? Do I know a little person who may enjoy it? Not really. I had this conversation with myself because I am trying to cut down on the clutter. Waaaaaay too much useless stuff in my house. I've had a stop on spending for all things ridiculous like candles for almost 10 years now because frankly, I have enough candles to burn my house down 100x over and still burn down the entire neighborhood. Too.....much.....junk.

But I wanted the shampoo and there was no shampoo that didn't have a little purple Roo......so Roo was coming home with me with its fate to be determined.

About a week passed and Roo sat on my dining room table. Still couldn't figure out what to do with Roo. My friend came over to go to breakfast and I explained my dilemma. "No little cousins?" Nope. "No one who recently had a baby?" Yea, no. "Does Monkey not like it?" Monkey! I hadn't even thought about Monkey! Without another word she picked up Roo and winged him across the room. Like a flash of lightning, a tasmanian devil on a mission, Monkey flew off the couch in hot pursuit!

And there is was. Roo had a purpose. Six pounds of crazy would drop even a milkbone to pursue the great flying purple Roo! Monkey is so in love that he will carry Roo to bed and even try to bring him on walks. "No Monkey. Put Roo down. I'm not going to have you drop him somewhere and then I'll have to spend the night combing the neighborhood with a flashlight looking for Roo. Leave him here."

Although Monkey has managed to chomp off one of Roo's ears, its a good thing he has a pouch because the little nibblet of an ear has a permanent cozy home with his owner. Who knew that the Aussie company would unknowingly create such a love affair. I have never seen a ball of fur move so fast and yet carry his beloved so gingerly in his teeth. Ok, there is an occasional chomping too, but Roo has made a place for himself in a house where little bits of uselessness were banned.

Long live Roo!

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