Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow.....and here we are!

Twelve weeks is a long time when you are watching what you eat, but its sooooo much easier when every Friday you step on the scale and voila! Another 2 pounds! Cha-ching! I'm of course talking about my long road to dieting for Fitness America which is exactly one week away. (Starting to get nervous....just a little bit.)

In the last 12 weeks I have suffered through 2 brutal colds as well as learning to chew gingerly on 5 meals a day with braces. Ah, braces. Don't get me started. The good news? I'm about ONE MONTH away from singing these suckers a little sayonara song! They done good though. My teef are straight and I'm going to smile all the dern time once they are off. Can't wait.

Its Friday....the 13th no less, and I have spent the week planning, planning, planning. Lots to do to get ready for Fitness America's "Nationals" as we call it. I have been making lists for packing, scheduling tanning appointments, hair cut/color, nails, makeup applications, bikini wax and photoshoots. There is so much to do that I'm a bit overwhelmed and it just makes me more nervous thinking I may forget something. More lists. I gotta figure out what I am eating next week when I am there. That is my biggest challenge. Eating cold food with braces. Its so much harder eating cold chicken than warm because you actually have to produce saliva to chew it up, ... which I have none of. Then it all gets stuck in my braces anyway. Sigh. Braces. Don't get me started.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the final countdown race. I have a bikini wax at 10am...get that over with! No bueno, but 10 minutes of hell for 3 months of "HEEYY!!" Worth it in the end! Totally! Then I am on to more exciting things like a hair cut and color and then hopefully lunch with my friend Cindy in Orange County. Thats the funny part. I'll drive all the way to Beverly Hills for the bikini torture...I mean wax and then 90 mins south to the OC to get ma haar did! I'm crazy, I realize, but by tomorrow night I will be in full fine rock star mode! After all that I have to shop for an outfit for one of the photoshoots too. Hope there are enough hours.

Then Sunday I am packing, cooking and getting my nails done. I need to get sleep in there somewhere....ah, well....and then Monday and Tuesday I will nervously make it through 2 days of work only to run home, shower and exfoliate so I can go to the tanning place to get spray tanned and then wake up at 4am to be on the road by 5am and get out of dodge before the traffic kicks in and people start running into each other. The upside is that I should make it to Vegas a little before 10am and after dropping my stuff at the hotel, I will drive over and see my friend who is sentenced to bedrest for the remaining 4 months of her pregnancy. Poor thing. I would LOSE MY DERN MIND. But this works out well because then I will pick up Kat at the airport on the way back to the hotel Wednesday evening. Then Thursday......will be CRAZY! Here is Thursday's current schedule.

8:00am - Registration
10:00am - Makeup done for Photoshoot
11:30am - Drive out to dry lakebed for Photoshoot
12:30pm - 4:00pm - Photoshoot with Cindy, Kat, Darcy and Me.
4:00pm - Drive back to Vegas for Savage Photoshoot
5:00pm - Savage Photoshoot at Bellagio
8:00pm - Tanning Appointment
10:00pm - Meet with Cathy one final time!

Crap. I'm tired just typing that. And I'm supposed to eat 5 times in there as well. No idea how that is going to happen. Oh...shoot. Just remembered, need to put 5 gallons of water on the list to bring as well. Five. Yes, I said five. And then there is a lot of peeing in that day as well. Should be interesting. I'm so totally super excited....and so totally super nervous...all at the same time!