Friday, June 13, 2014

Are you alive?

As I sit here and really think about the life I've already had, it amazes me. I've lived in some amazing cities, I still call home and visited many more around the world. I am so blessed to have the friends I have and am excited everyday when I think about who I may meet.  The opportunities I've been given are endless and I'm so glad that I said yes to them. 

I also recognized that if I had let fear engulf me, I wouldn't have moved to all these cities, traveled to the others, met all these amazing people, I call friends and been given all these opportunities. I looked fear right in the face, took a deep breath and had nothing but faith that it would all work out because I wasn't going backwards. 

For some reason, I don't have a reverse. When I left the east coast for the west, many thought when things got tough I'd go back. I'd just look at them crazy and say..."huh?" That was never a thought to me. It was always "ok, whats next?"

Where are you in your life? Is it what you wanted or are you stuck? Is going backwards an option or do you push forward, excited at the next opportunity that will come? Are you in a career that gives you the life you want and inspires you? Do you realize you can have anything...and I mean ANYTHING, if you are willing to stare fear in the face and laugh at it?  What's the worst that could happen? You learn and then you try something else, but you are moving towards your dreams and it will make you feel ALIVE! So are you living?

This is our one shot. We don't get a do over in this body, at this time. Are you living the life of your dreams or are you just waiting for the clock to run out? The amazing life you want is out there and it's achievable.  I know because when my life hits a wall, I start looking for opportunities and they will FALL into your lap when you are open, I promise you! 

Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. Are you going to let something that you've made up in your head stop you? You want to know true fear, go walk on fire. I've done it. It's real and it CAN hurt you but get your mind in the right place and you will be unharmed on the other side. So why do we let the THOUGHT of "what if I fail?" stop us? It's JUST A THOUGHT! Fire is hot but a still JUST a thought. 

So. How do you want your life? Feet cemented to one place, going through the same grind day after day? Or do you want to fly and have endless possibilities? It's really quite simple. Open your eyes and your mind...then decide. :)

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