Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's begin.

This is all my sister-in-law's fault.  So blame her if I put you to sleep.  (Note: Don't read this while driving)

Yes, I recently got a link from my sister-in-law to her blog page about the 6 inches of June snow they Montana. In Montana, things like that are possible.  I ended up reading all past blogs because I was interested in what she, the nieces (DD#1 and DD#2) and 'the husband' were up to.  I really enjoyed the updates of Chester and the (avalanche victims) tennis balls.  She puts a strike through the 'avalanche victims', but this blog site won't let me do that.....although they may and I just haven't figured it out yet.

Anyway, I figured its a cool way to give friends and family a snapshot of my life that will keep them up to date and hopefully entertain!  We'll, see.  I'm not eating sugar these days and I don't really drink, so you may be done with me after two posts.

So!  What have I been up to?  Well, work, chihuahua exercises, working out, eating and drinking a lot of water.  I drink a gallon a day.  Try it sometime.  Endlessly entertaining.  Not really.  More like a million trips to the bathroom.  Think of it as cardio.

My 18 year old dog, Peanut, has begun physical therapy.  He is 3 1/2 pounds and has a neurological disorder that makes his legs go stiff.  Each day I have to sit with him and stuff treats down his gullet so I can stretch his legs out.  He's a good dog and doesn't really mind as long as the treats don't run out.  Today he had to do hydrotherapy at the clinic, where they walk him on an underwater treadmill.  He wasn't real keen on it.  I think he thought he was getting a bath and I always make him just stand there, so when the floor started moving, he got confused.  They said thats normal at first.  

I have wonderful neighbors and the most entertaining are Karen and Stan.  They are surfers, have been married 5 years and have no children....yet.  They always have the grill going and a good movie or two, so on occasion, I commute the 30 feet across the street to hang out with them.  They are great company and always have good stories to share.

Last night they were unveiling the couch they had just bought on ebay to replace the 'stoner futon' they have had for years.  They live in a one bedroom beach bungalow that is cozy (small) and so the futon has been helpful to accommodate guests as a fold out.  The couch they saw online looked wide, tall and like the back pillows would hit at the top of your shoulder blades.  So it seemed like a nice replacement and still quite lounge-y. 

I turned the corner to the garage where they unwrapped it, saw the couch and could not contain my laughter.  Karen came over and grabbed my head shaking it and saying "It looked bigger in the picture!"  This poor thing, although beautiful, was maybe 12" from the ground and about as wide as a skinny twin mattress.  The back pillows are those round roll pillows, so when you sit down and lean back, you could roll right off the back!  Apparently they will now be turning their house into an opium lounge.  They also ordered a chair that they will unveil tonight.   Just looking at it wrapped up, I can already tell you its also challenged in its height from the floor!  Should make for an interesting evening!  I'll have to bring over a hookah and some drapes!  I love what I do.  Challenging, interesting and continues to force me to use my non-linear thinking.  Oh hell, who am I kidding.....I get to watch movies all day.  I have become a worker bee to one studio in particular.  I actually don't mind the work.  Its better than when I was working trailers for WWII video games where people actually had body parts blown off.  Can only take so much of that.  So now I am immersed in bubble gum pop and that's just fine with me.  Lots of pink, fireworks, and upbeat music.  You get these songs stuck in your head and find that you sing them at times you wish you didn' standing behind a gorgeous man at the grocery store checkout.  I'm single and I'm sure they think "She's got kids cuz why else would she be singing that?"  Yea, I like pop music and I'm okay with that!

It's Friday night and I would LOVE to go order a pizza and veg in front of the tv, but I am 8 weeks out from my next competition and I need to eat 'clean'. (Healthy and boring)  I don't have much planned for the weekend but laundry and the beach.  Ahhhh, the beach.  I love it there.  I could never live anywhere else.  Maybe if the waves are good, I'll drag the ginormous surfboard down the hill and try not to drown.  Maybe....otherwise its, a book, chair and a nap.  I think I'll just plan on the latter.  I'm sore from all the gym stuff I have to do.  So, yea, I'll just be taking a nap!  

Happy Friday!

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